The Smart Heating Control System

We provide beautifully simple smart heating control systems that make it easy for you to control the heating in your home.

Ultimate comfort

has never been

so simple

Wiser allows you to personalise your home heating by offering room-by-room control. Start with a thermostat kit and add radiator thermostats to control individual rooms.

Save energy and money with wiser smart modes


  • Save 18% more energy with Wiser Radiator Thermostats
  • Reduce energy usage by 24% with Away Mode.
  • On average Eco Mode can save you 7% energy


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Start with a kit

that suits your


Our thermostat kits are the starting point for your smart heating system. Select the kit that suits your boiler.

Smart Radiator

Thermostats give

you room-to-room



Wiser Radiator Thermostats provide room-to-room heating control, which gives you the ability to set different temperatures and schedules in each room

Starting from € 40.99


Smart Radiator


You'll enjoy more energy savings and ultimate comfort by adding smart radiator thermostats to every room. You can expand your system at any point and installation couldn't be easier.

Control the


with your voice.


If you connect wiser to a smart voice assistant, your heater listens to your voice. Tell the temperature what to do and it will happen. Handfree!




Smart heating based on presence.


Don’t live life to a fixed schedule? Have Wiser reduce the temperature when everyone’s left for the day – then raise it again automatically as soon as someone comes home.


Open Window



This clever mode switches off the heating in that room if a draught from an open window is detected, significantly reducing energy wastage thanks to your your smart thermostats.


Wiser Insights &

Heat Report


The Wiser Heat App lets you control your heating and hot water anywhere in the world via your smartphone. Wiser utilises Wireless Heating Controls and all its functions are just a swipe away. Wiser Insights & Heat Report provides easy-to-read feedback on your system and shows you how to become more energy efficient with your heating.


Download the

Wiser app


Download The Wiser App for your smart phone. This will give you 24/7 access to your heating from anywhere in the world.



“Because each Eve Thermo is assigned to a single room, it can accomplish a steadier temperature than a single central thermostat.”

Usa today

“If you have a smart speaker, all you need to say is “Hey Google, set the temperature to 20 degrees”. And that is sure to impress your friends.”

This old house

“Wiser smart radiator thermostat is simply the coolest way of managing your radiators, solves a real problem and is a doddle to install.”


Create your

own starter kit


Select the correct Hub, give in the numer of thermostats you need and we send you a taylored bundle that suits your needs perfectly