Black Friday Kit 2 - Thermostat Kit 2 + Radiator Thermostat 3 pack

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  • Set of Thermostat Kit 2 + Radiator Thermostat 3-Pack
  • Save £50 on this Black Friday Bundle
  • Suitable for homes that have separate heating and hot water control
  • 2 channel - boiler with separate hot water tank
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Save £50 on this bundle


This Black Friday deal includes:

- 1 dual-channel Heat HubR

- 1 Room Thermostat Display

- 3 Radiator Thermostats

Which kit is right for me?

Do you have a combi boiler?

Do you have a conventional boiler? (with separate hot water control)

Do you have a conventional boiler with two heating zones?

Wiser Thermostat Kit 1


This kit includes:

  • One single-channel Heat HubR
  • One Room Thermostat

Wiser Thermostat Kit 2


This kit includes:

  • One dual-channel Heat HubR
  • One Room Thermostat

Wiser Thermostat Kit 3


This kit includes:

  • One three-channel Heat HubR
  • Two Room Thermostats

What is the Wiser HubR?

You will also find a HubR in the Wiser Thermostat packaging.

This will be hung near the boiler. The HubR connects to your thermostat wirelessly or via the existing thermostat wires. If you increase or decrease the temperature on your thermostat, this will be communicated to the HubR, which can switch the heating on or off or control it in a modulating manner.

The HubR now uses OpenTherm technology to modulate your HR condensing boiler.

How to install

1. Install the Heat Hub

The Heat Hub can be installed on a standard wallplate in minutes. It really is as simple as unscrewing your old controller and screwing in your new Heat Hub. Check the instructions for full guidelines.

2. Get the app

Download The Wiser App for your smart phone by searching "Wiser Heat" in the app store. This will give you 24/7 access to your heating from anywhere in the world.


3. Add your devices

The app will guide you through adding your devices step-by-step. Having the option to add devices means you can build your perfect personalised system.