*Before purchasing this product please ensure you have completed the Wiser eligibility check for Insights+ compatibility. Order in-app via settings, Unlock Insights+.

Insights+ can save up to 7% on your energy usage.

Wiser Home with Insights+ is the first smart heating app that can connect directly to your smart meter.  Through Insights+ you can access your energy use, in real-time, from anywhere. Plus, you’ll get personalised advice on saving money, up to 7% of energy and reducing your carbon footprint.


How does it work?

Wiser. Taking care of your home and the planet.

Total Monthly Spend – With Insights+ you get detailed access to your energy data, so you can see how much you’re spending, and on what, in a format that’s easy to understand. There are no hidden fees, no monthly subscriptions, just the one-off cost of the IHD.


Budgeting – Plan ahead and stay on budget.  Insights+ learns from your past usage to build a personalised heat prediction for the coming months, along with a future energy forecast.  All enabling you to see how much you’re likely to spend.

 Smart savings – By using Wiser’s energy saving modes such as Eco Mode and Away Mode, you simply save energy and money.  Insights+ shows you exactly how much, by using which smart modes, and gives you the option to view in kWh’s or £’s.


 Home Carbon Footprint – Ever wondered how many trees it takes to cover the energy you use?  Insights+ makes it easy to see and track your carbon footprint.  Wiser.  Taking care of your home and the planet.

Easy to install

The TRIO In Home Display is easy to install, simply plug-in, connect to your home Wi-Fi and let your Wiser Home app and smart meter do the rest.

Product brand

Schneider Electric



product or component type

Touch panel

Concentrator compatibility

Wiser hub generation 1

Wiser hub generation 2

device presentation

Complete product

Bus type

Radio frequent

Mobile App name

Wiser Home

Colour tint


[Ue] rated operational voltage

230 V AC 50 Hz

Maximum power consumption in W

0.6 W