Underfloor Heating, Electrical Heat Switch kit

Switched on to better heating

Control electrical underfloor heating

With the remote floor sensor in this kit you can control electrical underfloor heating from the palm of your hand. You’ll need one room thermostat per switch and one switch per zone of underfloor heating. This will allow complete control of temperature and scheduling with the Wiser App.

Complete home heating

Whatever heating you have, Wiser can take care of it. The Electrical Heat Switch is a great addition to your Wiser system that allows you to control infrared radiators electrical radiators, electric underfloor heating, electric towel rails, plinth heaters and a single zone of hydronic UFH.

Managing mixed system

Hydronic underfloor heating in the bathroom? Electric underfloor heating in the kitchen? Radiators in the bedrooms? Wiser has you covered. Grow your system as you go and manage all devices from the Wiser Home app.

How to use?

For your Electrical Heat Switch to work you'll need the brains of the operation, the Wiser HubR. This will be hung near the boiler. The HubR connects to your thermostat wireslessly or via the existing thermostat wires. If you increase or decrease the temperature of your thermostat, this will be communicated to the HubR, which can switch the heating on or off or control it in a modulating manner.

App control anytime, anywhere with Wiser Home.

Acts as a range extender for the Wiser system

Works with Wiser away mode.

Individual room control.

Set schedules via the Wiser Home app.

Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Electric Heat Switch, Wiser
Electric Heat Switch, Wiser
Room Thermostat, Wiser
Room Thermostat, Wiser
Remote floor sensor for Wiser Electrical Heat Switch
Remote floor sensor for Wiser Electrical Heat Switch