Wiser Radiator Thermostat

Make a statement the sustainable way with an Anthracite Wiser Radiator Thermostat.

Smart heating never looked so good

Compliment your individual style, whether traditional or contemporary our Anthracite Wiser Radiator thermostat ensures the latest style trends and smart technology. Building on the iconic design of the Drayton TRVs, the Wiser Radiator Thermostat maintains the simplistic style and builds on years of success as a leading TRV manufacturer with a host of additional features. Radiator thermostats enable room by room control on your Wiser system.

Compatible with your home. In every way.

With a connection to the boiler, via the Heat HubR (must be already installed), control the on/off times and temperatures of individual rooms using the intuitive Wiser Heat app (iOS and Android). Valves adaptor are included for an easy installation in most of UK radiator valves. Create your personalized system by adding up to 32 Smart Radiator per system, installed in up to 16 rooms.

Plan ahead and stay on budget

Make sense of your energy use with the Insights feature in the Wiser Home app, track hourly activity and energy savings. Have a smart meter? Check your elibability for the Insights+ feature in app and get real-time breakdowns of your energy, set budgets and spend and save up to 7% per year.

The HubR will be hung near the boiler, this connects to your thermostat wirelessly or via the existing thermostat wires. If you increase or decrease the temperature on your thermostat, this will be communciated to the HubR, which can switch the heating on or off or control it in a modulating manner.

*Please note, you must already have a Wiser Kit installed for this product to be compatible with Wiser. This product will not work on its own without a Wiser Hubr.



Product brand


product or component type

Radiator thermostat

Concentrator compatibility

Wiser hub generation 1

Wiser hub generation 2

Mobile App name

Wiser Home

Device application


Product specific application


Colour tint


Provided equipment

2 batteries

1 valve adaptor

Communication network type

Wireless Zigbee (2.4 GHz), 2.5 mW at < 50 m