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Real-time energy monitoring to save money
Easy-to-use app to spot problems, at home or away
Fast and easy installation by a certified electrician

Home energy savings made easy and smart

Wiser Energy™ system monitors the electricity in your home, helping you manage your power usage and solar generation. The home power monitor provides circuit level control using the new Wiser Control Relays for backup power and advanced load management. Wiser Energy home power monitor enables remote monitoring and management through the Square D edition of the Sense app.


Real-time energy monitoring and control to save you money


✓ Save energy

Use Wiser Energy to easily spot inefficiencies that increase your bills, and take advantage of cheaper, off-peak energy to save money.


✓ Easy installation

By a licensed electrician in your home's electrical panel. Then, it takes minutes to set up the app to start seeing what's on in your home in the first month.


✓ Real-time data

Get 24/7 real-time access to see your home energy usage, track savings, and set energy goals to reduce waste.


Circuit-level control

Control your home’s energy usage using control relays for backup power and advanced load management.

Wiser Energy
How it works

Wiser Energy™ system uses machine learning to look at all the power in your home and pick apart the individual devices that are on and off.

Wiser Energy will learn and grow with you. When first installed, it detects 12 devices throughout your home in the first month, and 25-30 devices after the first 12 months.

"The more you know, the more you can save. Thanks to Wiser Energy, we learned that our washing machine doesn't draw much power — but the dryer does."

"I was able to have an electrician come over and he was in and out in 15 minutes. Since having this installed, my habits have significantly changed."

"With the use of machine learning, you can get real-time monitoring of usage by appliance... which can lead to money savings and optimization for a solar system."



 Find out what's using the most energy

in your home



"This device is making me realize that I have

numerous appliances that are in need of replacing."

Patsfan, North Carolina



Wiser™ Control Relays

Enjoy home automation and energy management with Wiser Control Relays, a modular and scalable system.


✓ Minimize energy costs

Use app-based data to decide which circuits turn on based on time of use in order to increase energy savings.

✓ Monitor and control power usage

Understand and manage your energy consumption.

✓ Easy to maintain

Swap out only the individual impacted relay without having to replace the entire load center**.

✓ Automation

Automate which loads to power on in the event of a power outage and extend the life of any battery backup system.



** Contact a licensed electrician to swap out relay 


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Relay (120V)*

Relay (240V)

A simple, powerful app puts home in the palm of your hand

Compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices.


Keep tabs on your home


✓ Take comfort into your own hands
Set alerts and goals to save energy, while you estimate your monthly energy bills.


✓ Take control of your energy use
See what's on 24/7. Create custom notifications, letting you know when things turn on or off.


✓ Enjoy greater savings every day!
View and control connected products. See your solar generation with the solar edition.

The more you know, the more you can save!


Once the Wiser Energy system unit is installed in your home's electrical panel by a certified electrician, setting up the Sense app (Square D edition) only takes minutes. 

Over time, through crowd sourcing and using machine learning, the app senses electrical activity and identifies your electronics. Once your electronics are identified, you'll have crystal clear insight into your energy use.


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Wiser Energy for professionals

Offer consumers greater comfort, convenience, and safety to differentiate yourself in the market. Enjoy quick, easy, and intuitive installation and commissioning for more efficient work. Complete system includes WiFi antenna, power cables, mounting bracket, and installation guide.

✓ Differentiate your business

by broadening your offer


✓ Stand out

in your home automation market


✓ Attract new business

based on the smart home trend

Installing Wiser Energy is simple and quick

*by a certified electrician


Download the app. Connect with your home. Save money with bill tracking and goal-setting.

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Take comfort into your own hands with Wiser Energy


The Wiser Energy system installs in your home's electrical panel, provides real-time energy usage and circuit-level control using control relays for backup power and advanced load management.

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