Adapts to your energy needs
Smart and simple

Significantly simplify adding solar, EV charging, batteries, and generators to your home with the award-winning Square D™ Energy Center smart panel

Simplifying smart, reliable, and sustainable home energy


✓  Simple sustainability

Solar and EV ready right out of the box.

✓  Backup power

Easily add generators and batteries for reliable home power.

✓  App-based data

Energy monitoring to support smarter energy usage.


Six functions, one smart panel

Save wall space and installation time with a compact, all-in-one design that integrates transfer switches, inverters, utility metering, energy monitoring and more into fewer enclosures.


Global Innovation Award

Tom's Guide CES 2021 Awards:
The best new products of the year

CES 2021 Event Report:
What's hot and useful in the enterprise

The Best Sustainable Tech at CES 2021

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Convenience and conservation come together


✓  Control home energy from your phone

Receive custom safety alerts, like when garage doors open. Monitor energy use in real-time, all from the Square D version of the Sense app.

✓  Peace of mind

Turn off appliances and devices remotely to reduce energy usage and protect your home. 

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Future ready


✓ All-in-one

Reduces the footprint of all the devices needed for a solar, battery, or generator installation

✓ EV-charging convenience

Features a factory-installed 20 A convenience outlet with GFI protection

✓ Innovative design

Supports easier service with a newly designed door and hinges that make removing the door and reinstalling faster


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