Home made smart
and sustainable

Transform your home with smart energy, and
connect with your home through your phone.

Energy savings
Save money
Modern design

Connect with your home through your phone

Everything that uses energy in your home becomes visible on our suite of apps. Using our digital platform, you can quickly and easily set automated lighting moods, monitor energy use, and connect to individual outlets.


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Buy the Wiser Energy home power monitor


Take control of your energy use and keep the household budget on track. Buy the Square D™ Wiser Energy system today at select online retailers. Compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices.


Starting from $299





Discover the Connected Home

Smart home energy from the grid to your plugs


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The smartest panel on the market

✓ Solar Ready

✓ EV Ready

✓ Generator Ready

✓ Battery Ready

✓ Future Ready


Smart outlets and grid-to-plug intelligence

Monitor energy usage and control lighting through our suite of smart home apps. Equipped with WiFi and Z-Wave, these outlets and switches also pair with voice-activated devices.



Stylish form meets
in switches, sensors, and outlets


✓  Design
Flush, screwless wall plates that are interchangeable

✓  Connectivity
App-based control


✓  Sustainability
Energy monitoring and automated control


Give your home a voice with Wiser Energy

Install Wiser Energy home power monitor into your home’s electrical panel and learn how your home uses electricity and make steps to reduce consumption.

✓ Real-time energy usage right from your phone

✓ Alerts when appliances turn on and off

✓ Trend and carbon emission data

Using the Square D™ version of the Sense app, you can keep tabs on your home anywhere, right from your phone.