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Feel the good energy throughout your home with Schneider.

Fine finishes

Upgraded aesthetics with flush facing, design-forward matte finishes.

Bright ideas

Light your home for comfort and enjoy that money-saving “glow”.

Nice connection

Available WiFi connectivity for remote, app-based control; Alexa and Google compatible.

Expect more from your wiring devices

Expect more from your wiring devices

From dimmers to sensors and beyond, X series changes expectations of what an everyday wiring device should be able to do


switch + wall plate displayed above

  • Swap and upgrade the plates without the need to remove the switch from wall
  • Supports single pole, three way, and four-way switches.


sensor + wall plate displayed above

  • Detect both occupancy and vacancy in one device
  • Adjust timing for fans and lights
  • Set relative humidity levels
  • Manual control at any time

Wall plates

  • Remove and replace plates easily
  • Extend product lifetime with super durable polycarbonate resin
  • Achieve a modern look with flush profiles and matte finishes
  • Keep wall plates clean, with flat surfaces that wipe down easily


outlet + wall plate displayed above

  • Speed up wiring with “no-wrapping” screw installation and self-grounding clip
  • Make kitchens and bathrooms safer with GFCI receptacles that self-test every 3 seconds
  • Elevate safety with tamper-resistant discreet black shutters

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