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Schneider Inverter

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<p>Schneider Inverter</p>

The brain of the system 

Schneider Inverter connects solar panels and Boost battery to your home’s power system and the electrical grid. It controls, transforms, and optimizes the electricity from these devices.


Get more power out of your solar panels with Schneider Inverter’s integrated optimizers. Charge up Boost more efficiently from solar with fewer steps of power conversion.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor the energy you produce and consume in real time from anywhere, with the Schneider Home app. 


Get 200 percent surge power for more reliable backup power when paired with Boost battery.

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98% peak

Solar Optimizers

Integrated 4 channel MPPT

Enclosure Type

Indoor / Outdoor


10 years

Better Together

Full Home Energy Control
Power what matters, all while staying comfortable and reducing your carbon footprint.
Stored Solar Energy

Rainy day? Store your solar energy from a sunnier day with Schneider Boost, then utilize it when you need it.

Optimized Usage

Harness the sun's energy to save money, running your home on solar power at your command.


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