Solar Inverters and Battery Storage

Power your home with sunshine and save money on electricity bills.

<p>Solar Inverters and Battery Storage</p>
Power your home with solar
Power your home with solar
Schneider Inverter connects solar to your home with efficiency, reliability, and an easy-to-use app. Add Schneider Boost battery to store your solar energy and power your home when the grid is out.
Stay powered during outages
Stay powered during outages
Boost battery pairs with Schneider Inverter to store solar energy to power your home during an outage. Run critical appliances and lights or back up your entire home.

Get more with less

Extend the runtime of your battery by pairing Boost with the Schneider Pulse smart panel. Easily choose what to power on the fly through the Schneider Home app and see how your choices impact battery life.

Schneider Inverter and Schneider Boost

Power your home with renewable energy, save on electricity bills and enjoy protection from power outages. Benefit from more efficient solar generation and battery charging with fewer steps of power conversion. 

Learn more about the financial benefits of solar and what to look for in a backup battery.

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