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Keep tabs on your home and take comfort into your own hands

The Wiser Energy system installs in your home's electrical panel and provides real-time energy usage, notifications when devices turn on or off, and can help you save money and avoid disaster. Using the Square D™ version of the Sense app, keep tabs on your home anywhere, from your phone.

✓  See what's on in your home 24/7 and create custom notifications.

✓  Take control of your energy use.

✓  Set alerts and goals to save energy, while you estimate your monthly energy bills.

There's living and there's living wisely, with the Wiser Energy Home Power Monitor.


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How Wiser gets smarter over time with machine learning

✓ Wiser Energy Home Power Monitor gradually learns about your home as things turn on and off.

✓  Wattage is tracked through current transformers wrapped around the mains that feed your elecrical panel, sampling data 1 million times per second.

✓  Machine learning algorithms find device signatures within your home's power profile and uses that data to determine what devices are on and off.

✓  Typically the monitor detects 12 devices in the first month after it’s installed and 25-30 devices after 12 months.

Standard Residential
Wiser Home Energy Power Monitor

with 1 pair of current transformers

Includes: Monitor unit + 1 pair of current transformers



Wiser Energy Current Transformers

Includes: 1 pair of current transformers


Solar or Generator

Wiser Home Energy Power Monitor

with 2 pairs of current transformers

Includes: Monitor unit + 2 pairs of current transformers


range of product


Product or Component Type

Monitoring unit

input type

Current transformer


2 in (50.80 mm)


3.375 in (85.72 mm)


0.75 in (19.05 mm)



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