Your virtual

energy HQ

Schneider Home manages everything from solar and backup battery to EV charging and grid power. It's your one and done power solution.


One smart system. One simple app.

The Schneider Home app makes it simple to use less electricity, reduce your electricity bill and lower your carbon footprint. One app does it all, from live energy monitoring and control to energy-saving settings, power optimization, and status updates and alerts.

Download on the App Store or Google Store.

Save energy, save money, save time

Live energy monitoring​

See how much solar energy you produced, how much you energy stored in your battery and the status for each. With live and historical cost for individual connected devices, you can make smart decisions about your usage to save money. 

Peace of mind​

Always know what’s going on with your home’s energy system with push messages for power updates and alerts when something needs your attention. And rest easy knowing you made a smart financial decision, as you track your savings and the return on your investment.

Remote energy-saving settings​

Remotely control your home's energy and optimize your usage with one-tap, energy-saving settings. Whether you want to turn off non-critical devices when you’re away or opt to pull from your solar and battery before the grid, you can do it with one tap.

Power optimization​

Make the most of your available power by choosing what to power when and how. Not only can that help you get the most out of your electricity service, but it can extend your battery runtime during an outage and optimize EV charging.  ​

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