Schneider Pulse

<p>Schneider Pulse</p>

You call the shots

Control and automate your all your home’s energy sources with ease and on your terms using Schneider Pulse. One simple app helps you manage everything from your home’s appliances to how and when it uses your solar, backup battery and EV charger.

Savings that add up

Pulse makes savings easy by automatically using the most cost-efficient source of energy and providing one-touch, energy-saving settings to reduce your electricity usage while keeping you comfortable.

Smarter backup power

Pair with Boost battery and stay powered longer during outages by choosing what to power and when on the fly. You will see how your choices impact your battery runtime so you can make informed decisions on what to power.

Lower carbon footprint

When the sun is shining, it will pull power from your solar panels. When the sun goes down, it will pull from your battery. By pulling power from the grid less often, your home will be using renewable energy sources whenever possible.​


Simplify the process of adding solar, backup battery and EV charging to your home. Pulse is built to make that process easier and faster for electricians, helping reduce the time and cost of installation. Plus, because Pulse can intelligently control what’s powered and when, it can help avoid the costly and time-consuming process of upgrading the electricity service to your home.

Installation made easy

Enjoy affordable, seamless installation services from our national network of trained and certified professionals.


Main Breaker Rating

200A (100-200A)

Mount Type

Surface / Semi flush


18 + 18 usable spaces

Better Together

Full home energy control
Power what matters, all while staying comfortable and reducing your carbon footprint
Smart Charging

Automatically charge your car during non-peak hours to save money.

Optimized Backup

Easily choose what to power during an outage with Schneider Pulse.