Reimagine all your home can do.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy your fully-integrated smart energy ecosystem.

    <p>Reimagine all your home can do. </p>

    What Is A Smart, Sustainable Home?

    A sustainable home is powered by renewable electricity. A smart sustainable home combines electricity with digital intelligence. When electricity is paired with digital intelligence, electricity becomes more efficient and more automated. That means lower energy bills, staying powered longer during outages and reducing your carbon footprint – all with little to no effort from you.

    Imagine using less electricity without sacrificing comfort – or running around the house to turn things off. Or powering what you want, when you want during an outage with just a tap. And automatically using your battery to power your home during your utility’s peak-rate hours. All this from a single app and little to no effort on your part. The best part is that you’re doing your part to help the planet.

    Smart Home


    your power.

    Create your own power schedules to automate your life and live simpler.
    Set your home to Away mode when you’re headed on a trip.
    Schedule your EV to charge at the times when the rate is the lowest, including charging via solar energy when the sun is shining.
    Turn air conditioning off while you’re at work and turn it on before you get home.
    Time your lighting needs based on the season – automatically dimming lights when it’s lighter longer, and turning them up when it gets darker.

    Manage everything with ease.

    Say goodbye to a separate app for your EV, your solar, your lighting…the list goes on. Control everything in ONE app. Better yet, automate as much as you want and let the app do it for you.

    Future-proof your home.

    When adding appliances that require a lot of electricity, such as EV chargers or heat pumps, you may need to upgrade your electricity service. Pulse panel can help eliminate the need for costly service upgrades and prepare your home for a sustainable, electric future.