Switches, Sensors and Outlets

Modern design and functionality in switches, dimmers, room sensors and outlets

<p>Switches, Sensors and Outlets</p>

Schneider switches, dimmers, sensors and outlets with a one-of-a-kind interchangeable design with flush screwless wall plates


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Feel the good energy throughout your home with Schneider.


Connected outlets and switches can be controlled remotely through any smart home eco-system as well as the Schneider Home app.

Flexible and feature-rich

These switches, sensors, dimmers and outlets set the new benchmark for how today's wiring devices should look and feel.

Fast USB charging

Charge two devices at once using our faster-than-average outlets with high-amperage USB charging.

What is Matter?

With so many different connected devices out there, it can be cumbersome to connect and control them through multiple apps from multiple brands. Matter simplifies that.

Matter is the new communication protocol that allows certified devices from different brands to work together across Matter-compliant platforms with just one app.

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Connected Home Product of the Year

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Same device, two distinct looks

Easily update the look of your devices without rewiring with Schneider’s unique interchangeable wall plates. Available with matte finish in four colors: white, almond, gray and black.

Convenient smart home control​

  • Use with any major smart home hub to expand automation
  • Monitor and control lights and appliances from your phone​
  • Schedule devices to turn off or on based on your preferences​
  • See energy use and cost for each device


What is Matter?

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