Schneider Boost

<p>Schneider Boost</p>

Backup power when you need it

Store energy from solar or the grid and automatically power your home during an outage and when electricity rates are high.

Solar power at any time

When paired with solar and Schneider Inverter, Boost stores excess energy during the day to use when you need it. Use it during an outage or to save on your electricity bill, whatever you choose.  It’s quiet, maintenance-free, emissions-free, and fully automated.

Extended battery runtime

Pair with Schneider Pulse to control which things in your home use battery power and when, extending your battery runtime. Want to run your downstairs AC and fridge during the day and then add your tv and internet at night? No problem. Turn off everything except the fridge while you sleep? Sure thing.

Savings at your fingertips 

Choose your ideal mix. Use your stored energy to save money when utility rates are high, or maximize your independence from the grid. 

Solar at any time

Storm on the horizon? Don’t get caught without power if there’s an outage. Prioritize charging your battery so you’ve got a full charge.

Stay in the know

Get tips on making your home energy efficient and sustainable.


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Recharge Sources

Solar, Grid (where allowed)

Backup Power Type

Whole home or Partial home

Enclosure Type

Indoor / Outdoor


10 years

Better Together

Full Home Energy Control
Power what matters, all while staying comfortable and reducing your carbon footprint.
Optimized Backup

Easily choose what to power during an outage with Schneider Pulse.

Boosted Charging

Give your Schneider Charge extra power by pairing it with Schneider Boost battery.


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