Convenience at Your Fingertips: Discover the Latest Features of the Wiser™ Home Mobile App

Everyone’s schedule is jam-packed these days. Work, school, soccer practice, happy hours — with so much on the calendar, most of us have little brain space left for some of life’s more mundane tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove something from the list of things you need to remember?

With the Wiser™ Home mobile app, you can. The app pairs with Square D™ connected wiring devices and smart plugs to connect and automate devices in your home, allowing you to handle other priorities without wondering if you forgot to turn off the lights.

In this article, we’ll cover several new features within the app that make your life easier and your system smarter. Plus, we’ll give you a sneak peek at even more new features coming next year.

3 Brand-New Features of the Wiser Home App

New Feature #1: Moments

Picture this: you’ve corralled the kids for a family movie night and are rushing back and forth from the kitchen with popcorn and drinks. The movie has started but something still isn’t right — you need to set the scene. At the touch of a button, you can dim the lights, turn on the sound system, and get the fan spinning — all without leaving your cozy spot on the couch.

Or maybe, it’s Monday morning and you’ve slept through your alarm. You’re already 15 minutes late to your first meeting. As you quickly get dressed, you open the Wiser Home app and tap your “Office” Moment. You’re upstairs, but in your home office downstairs, the coffee maker turns on, power flows to your laptop, and your desk lamp illuminates. When you get there, everything’s ready to go.

With the new Moments feature, you can easily control a group of devices that use Square D-connected devices at once, while also setting devices at different states, like a lamp at 50% brightness, for example.

With Moments, you can:


  • Pull together a group of devices to create a Moment (e.g., TV, lights, speaker system) and name it (e.g., “Movie Night”).
  • Integrate Moments with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and use voice control to schedule or activate a Moment. For example, “Alexa, it’s movie night.”
  • Set each device within a Moment at a different state. The lamp that’s connected to a Square D dimmer can be set to 50% brightness, for example, while other devices turn on at full power.
  • Schedule a start time for a Moment.
  • Monitor energy use for all devices within a Moment.

New Feature #2: Groups

Similar to Moments, Groups allow you to choose a set of connected devices that can be turned on or off at once. The key difference here is that Moments lets you set devices at different states (e.g., turning your lamp on at 50% brightness) where in Groups, all devices are controlled in the same state — turning everything on or shutting everything off. For example, maybe you want all outdoor lights to shut off at a certain time. Or all home office devices to power down when the workday is done.

With Groups, you can:


  • Add several devices to create a Group and name it (e.g., laptop, desk lamp, and monitor named “Home Office”).
  • Schedule a start and stop time for a group of devices.
  • Add Square D-connected devices to your account from different locations and control them for safety or comfort. Heading up to your cabin in the winter? Groups lets you turn on your heater, hot tub, and Wi-Fi router before you even arrive.
  • Integrate Groups with Amazon Alexa or Google home and use voice control to schedule or activate a Group.
  • Monitor energy use for all devices within a Group.

New Feature #3: Basic Scheduling Improvements

Research suggests that a steady circadian rhythm contributes to your overall health and wellbeing — to wake up with the sun and wind down at sunset. Although it’s hard to avoid blue-light exposure from watching Netflix or scrolling Instagram before bedtime, there’s at least one way to use your phone for a healthy circadian routine: With the Wiser Home app, you can schedule your home’s electronics to sync with the sunrise-sunset cycle.

The initial scheduling feature allowed users to schedule their Square D-connected devices based on sunrise, sunset, or a custom time. This takes into account your location, as the time of sunrise in Austin, Texas, would be different than sunrise in Boston, Massachusetts. The latest improvement enhances this feature by adding offsets, which are additional time blocks added around sunrise or sunset. These are set in 15-minute increments, or you can create a custom offset. Because let’s face it — as much as we’d it’s nice to have a 30-minute grace period in the morning. You can:


  • Adjust the start time to ~30 minutes before or after sunrise or sunset. As the seasons — and time of sunrise and sunset — change, so will your scheduled devices. This feature provides added flexibility for users. For instance, you can schedule your bedroom lamp to turn on 30 minutes past sunrise to help wake you up for the day.
  • Create a custom offset time to fit with your schedule and needs.

Upcoming features

Integrations with App-to-App Linking

Gone are the days of hopping back and forth between different apps to connect all your devices to the Wiser Home app. With new app-to-app linking within Wiser Home, you can stay in one app while adding connections.

  • Connect your account easily with voice-activated home assistants such as Alexa or Google Home.
  • Start using voice control for your X Series-connected devices more quickly.

Saved Wi-Fi credentials

With the new saved Wi-Fi feature, setting up and connecting your smart devices is now faster than before. It’s a small tweak, but now, instead of adding each wiring device to the Wi-Fi network individually, you can save time by connecting a group of Square D wiring devices all at once.

  • Add credentials for new Square D-connected devices much quicker.
  • Reduce human error by eliminating the need to enter a password each time.

Ready to save time, energy, and peace of mind with a smarter system? Learn even more about the Wiser Home app and X Series switches and outlets.


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