Schneider Energy Monitoring


Schneider Energy Monitor (formerly Wiser Home Power Monitor)

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Feel the good energy throughout your home with Schneider.

Remote monitoring and control

With connected outlets and switches, control lighting, appliances and more with the Schneider Home app or voice-activate assistants.

Flexible and feature-rich

These switches, sensors, dimmers and outlets set the new benchmark for how today's wiring devices should look and feel.

Fast USB Charging

Charge two devices at once using our faster-than-average outlets with high-amperage USB charging.

Real-time energy monitoring and control to save you money

Schneider Energy Monitor (formerly Wiser Home Power Monitor) provides 24/7 real-time monitoring and control of your energy usage. Manage use with Schneider X Series connected plugs and switches for control at the device level.

How Schneider Energy Monitor gets smarter over time with machine learning

✓ Schneider Energy Monitor gradually learns about your home as things turn on and off.

✓ Wattage is tracked through current transformers wrapped around the mains that feed your electrical panel, sampling data 1 million times per second.

✓ Machine learning algorithms find device signatures within your home's power profile and uses that data to determine what devices are on and off.


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