Schneider Energy Monitoring


Schneider Energy Monitor (formerly Wiser Home Power Monitor)

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Feel the good energy throughout your home with Schneider.

Savings Opportunities

Easily spot inefficiencies that increase your bills, and take advantage of cheaper, off-peak energy to save money

Simple Installation

Easily installs in your home's electrical panel*, and takes minutes to set up the app to see what's on in your home

*by a licensed electrician

Monitoring & Control

24/7 real-time control and monitoring of your energy usage to understand and manage your energy consumption, track savings and reduce waste

Real-time energy monitoring and control to save you money

Schneider Energy Monitor (formerly Wiser Home Power Monitor) provides 24/7 real-time monitoring and control of your energy usage. Manage use with Schneider X Series connected plugs and switches for control at the device level.

How Schneider Energy Monitor gets smarter over time with machine learning

✓ Schneider Energy Monitor gradually learns about your home as things turn on and off.

✓ Wattage is tracked through current transformers wrapped around the mains that feed your electrical panel, sampling data 1 million times per second.

✓ Machine learning algorithms find device signatures within your home's power profile and uses that data to determine what devices are on and off.


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