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Light Switches


X Series Universal Switch Module Rocker Cover Plate Matte White

87 Reviews
  • X Series Universal Rocker Plate Matte White
  • Compatible with X Series switch modules for color swap-out
  • Available in white, light almond, black, gray
  • Sold individually
  • Easy to clean
  • High-impact resistant and durable thermoplastic for long-lasting product life
  • Compliant with RoHS directive, for non-hazardous materials
  • Swap and upgrade plates without removing the switch from the wall
  • Switch module and wall plate required, sold separately
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Feel the good energy throughout your home with Schneider.

Savings Opportunities

Easily spot inefficiencies that increase your bills, and take advantage of cheaper, off-peak energy to save money

Simple Installation

Easily installs in your home's electrical panel*, and takes minutes to set up the app to see what's on in your home

*by a licensed electrician

Monitoring & Control

24/7 real-time control and monitoring of your energy usage to understand and manage your energy consumption, track savings and reduce waste

Expect more from your wiring devices

Expect more from your wiring devices

From dimmers to sensors and beyond, X series changes expectations of what an everyday wiring device should be able to do


switch + wall plate displayed above

  • Swap and upgrade the plates without the need to remove the switch from wall
  • Supports single pole, three way, and four-way switches.


sensor + wall plate displayed above

  • Detect both occupancy and vacancy in one device
  • Adjust timing for fans and lights
  • Set relative humidity levels
  • Manual control at any time

Wall plates

  • Remove and replace plates easily
  • Extend product lifetime with super durable polycarbonate resin
  • Achieve a modern look with flush profiles and matte finishes
  • Keep wall plates clean, with flat surfaces that wipe down easily


outlet + wall plate displayed above

  • Speed up wiring with “no-wrapping” screw installation and self-grounding clip
  • Make kitchens and bathrooms safer with GFCI receptacles that self-test every 3 seconds
  • Elevate safety with tamper-resistant discreet black shutters


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87 Reviews

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verified buyer


Verified Buyer


Absolutely easy

I love how easy it snaps on too the electrical part. I did wait until installing it all first before putting it on so they I can screw it down and into place. The rocker plate hides the screws greatly. It is also very easy to take off.


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verified buyer


Verified Buyer


My new lighting switch

I ot to try out another awesome product made by Square D. I am changing out all my light switches and Square D had many to chose from. It is very easy to install, easy to use and and I like that it is a flat switch instead of the old switch that sticks out. I recommend this product to anyone.


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verified buyer


Verified Buyer


Perfect cohesion

Seem less and looks great for a modern look. Love the update and works great. Updates are in order and want to thank you for letting me try these. Will be buying more on the future. Great example for a modern home!


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verified buyer


Verified Buyer


Beautiful addition to any room

I got this for my new house and couldn’t be happier! The plate is very high quality and looks amazing by the front door. The design is easy for small kids to use and looks very elegant. I love the screw less design.


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verified buyer


Verified Buyer


Easy to install and works great!

I recently received this switch module rocker plate in white by Square D and it was extremely easy to install. Along with the matte white wall plate, this product really pops and looks fantastic. The product offers a reliable and comfortable feel and resists fingerprints well. I would definitely recommend this product.


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