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This award-winning thermostat combines smart features with an easy to use app to bring you a complete home heating solution. Wiser makes home personalisation affordable by allowing you to start with a Thermostat Kit and build a full multi-room system over time by adding radiator thermostats for room-by-room heating control. Easy to install and use, simplicity is at the heart of Wiser and it encompasses everything a smart device should.

Save up to 30% every year on your energy bills with Wiser smart heating*


  • Save 19% more energy with Wiser Radiator Thermostats
  • Reduce energy usage by 14% with Away Mode.
  • On average Eco Mode can save you 2% energy

Learn more about how Wiser can save you energy


*Smart thermostat system percentage savings based on BEAMA and Salford university research statistics 2021. Savings are guideline and will vary based on your home's thermal performance.

Start with a kit that suits your needs

Our Thermostat Kits are the starting point for your Wiser system with a Room Thermostat and HubR in every Thermostat Kit for smart control via the Wiser Home app. Installation is easy, all you need to do is clip it onto an industry-standard wallplate and you can benefit from the full range of features. Select the kit that suits your boiler type.

Smart Radiator Thermostats give you room-by-room control

Wiser Radiator Thermostats provide room-to-room heating control, which gives you the ability to set different temperatures and schedules in each room saving you money. 

Starting from £ 48.99


Wiser Multi-room Kits

You'll enjoy more energy savings and ultimate comfort with Multi-room Kits by Wiser. These kits come with two radiator thermostats so you can have individual room-by-room heating control in two rooms for greater energy savings. Installation is fast and easy, plus you can expand your system with more Radiator Thermostats at any point.

Save energy and money with Wiser smart modes

As life becomes more energy-hungry, we’re making it easy to prepare your home for a more sustainable future. Smart modes such as Away Mode and Eco Mode will save you money every month.


How Wiser works

Easy to install, from app to thermostat, Wiser's modular design allows you to build a smart heating system that's tailor-made for your needs. Wiser is made up of Room Thermostat, Radiator Thermostat, and the Wiser Plug. These are all linked by the brains of the operation – the Heat HubR and controlled via the Wiser Home app. 


Taking care of your smart home with voice assistants and IFTTT

Wiser is designed for smart home compatibility, so you can seamlessly connect your heating with your favourite smart tech. 'Alexa turn the heating up in the living room'.




Introducing the Wiser Home App

You can monitor your energy use, track how external factors affect your home's heating and compare rooms. With Wiser, you have the power to save up to 30% on your heating bills.


“I set Wiser up with IFTTT as well so I can have the system go into 'Away Mode' when me and my wife leave the house."  

Trust Pilot

"We've been impressed with it...The Wiser heating system does exactly what it promises: it’s easy to install and easy to use."

Tech Advisor

"Simplicity is the name of the game ... If you want multi-room heating on a reasonable budget, there’s nothing that comes close.”

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How to install the system

How to install the system

1. Install the Heat Hub

The Heat Hub can be installed on a standard wallplate in minutes. It really is as simple as unscrewing your old controller and screwing in your new Heat Hub.

2. Get the app

Download The WiserHome App for your smartphone by searching "Wiser Home" in the app store. This will give you 24/7 access to your heating from anywhere in the world.

3. Add your devices

The app will guide you through adding your devices step-by-step. Having the option to add devices means you can build your perfect personalised system.

Download the Wiser Home app

Download The Wiser App for your smart phone. This will give you 24/7 access to your heating from anywhere in the world.