A redesigned smart electrical panel

The award-winning, all-in-one smart electrical panel that makes solar, battery, and generator integration fast and easy.

*Currently only available in California

A redesigned smart electrical panel

The award-winning, all-in-one smart electrical panel that makes solar, battery, and generator integration fast and easy

*Currently only available in California


Reduces the footprint of all the devices needed for a solar, battery or generator installation

EV-charging convenience

Features a factory-installed 20 A convenience outlet with GFI protection

Innovative design

Supports easier service with a newly designed door and hinges that make removing the door and reinstalling faster

Technology to drive efficiency and sustainability

"For a small business owner, there is never enough time in the day for us, and the Energy Center does save us time...the input they are taking from the industry has provided us an opportunity to give our clients better pricing, with lower-cost materials...still same high quality."


Kevin Prill
President, Asgard Energy (Contracting for Swell Energy)

Stylish, smart, and code-compliant

Powered by Wiser Energy™ intelligence

Six functions, one smart panel

Save wall space and installation time with a compact, all-in-one design that integrates transfer switches, inverters, utility metering, energy monitoring and more into fewer enclosures.

Convenience and conservation come together


✓  Control home energy from your phone

Receive custom safety alerts, like when garage doors open. Monitor energy use in real-time, all from the Square D version of the Sense app.

✓  Peace of mind

Turn off appliances and devices remotely to reduce energy usage and protect your home. 

Square D Energy Center Series Reviews


“This was a really easy switch to install. Once in it worked great as a 3-way dimmer and had no issues. Would definitely recommend. I am not an electrician but this was understandable for someone who does small projects in their home.”

Nov  2021, Michellerem from Scranton, PA



“This switch outlet is a nice addition to my smart home. It was super easy to install. It only took about 10 minutes to install it and get it connected to the app. The instructions were very clear. It even connects to our Alexa device so we can turn the lamps on with just saying turn the light on. Would definitely recommend!”

Nov  2021, Kevisfxstb from Florida

Get custom safety alerts

Monitor appliances for smart energy savings

Prevent damage with whole home surge protection

Installing Square D™ Energy Center

Watch how easy it is to install the panel to enjoy efficiency and sustainability in today's modern home.

Award-winning innovation for sustainable home energy

Believe in all your home can do with Schneider Home

Solar power, battery backup, EV charging, home automation, connected switches and outlets.

Transform your home into a state-of-the-art sustainable vessel — and save bucks while you're at it.

Product or Component Type


Range of Product


Meter socket type


Provided equipment

Wiser Energy kit

Miniature circuit breaker 1) 2P 15 A

Miniature circuit breaker 1) 1P 20 A

Miniature circuit breaker 2) 2P 110 A

Surge protection device (SPD) type 2 120/240 V

Socket-outlet 1) 20 A

Line Rated Current

200 A

Load current

120 A alternate energy back feed

Number of Phases

1 phase

Short-circuit current

22 kA


Semi flush

Number of spaces


  • What other equipment (inverters, batteries, generators, electric vehicles, etc.) integrates with the Square D™ Energy Center?

    The Energy Center Universal Panel can be used with any certified inverter, battery, generator, EVs, etc.  

    The Energy Center Essential Panel integrates with SolarEdge’s inverter and SolarEdge’s list of compatible batteries, generators, and EVs to provide a complete energy management ecosystem where all the equipment can work simultaneously together. 
  • What generators are compatible with the Energy Center?

    Any portable generator up to 50 A can be connected to the Energy Center via a manual interlock kit (QO2DTEC) and a suitable inlet port. Standby generator support is provided by the battery backup interface and generators up to 22 kW are supported, which require closed contact run command.
  • Can the Energy Center be changed from partial to whole home backup?

    Yes, it can be changed from partial home to whole home backup.
  • Is an internet connection needed to commission the Energy Center?

    Yes - An internet connection is required to load the app used to commission the Energy Center.
  • Is there a feed-thru lug kit available for the Energy Center?

    No, there is no feed-thru lug kit for the Energy Center.